TAPE2PC - Does anyone really still have cassettes lying around?

I know that people like to keep their old vinyl records as they supposedly have a unique sound that just can't be reproduced on newer digital formats. I don't really know about all of that, since I grew up in the age of cassettes and CDs. I caught the tail-end of the cassette days, and I can't imagine anyone that would want to keep around those crappy little plastic things. If you do happen to have a couple of mix-tapes that's just oozing with memories, now you can rid yourself of that ancient format, while keeping those warm and fuzzy memories.

The Firebox TAPE2PC looks like it's something Marty McFly dropped off from 1985. That's ok, since it's meant to be used with cassettes. It it essentially an easy way to convert your old tapes to a digital format.

I'm not really sure how much of a point there would be in something like this. It seems like an awful lot of trouble just to convert a few tracks. You'd be better off just downloading the music and making a new mix CD, or even better, just a playlist on your iPod.

Take a USB cassette deck down memory lane [via crave]