Tangled Earbuds? New Design Helps Zip Up The Problem

Anyone who uses earbuds or headphones knows that the most annoying part is untangling the the wires. No matter how carefully you put them away they somehow end up a tangled mess. One designer has solved that problem with the addition of a zipper to the traditional earbud design.

Hirotaka Matsui has taken the convenience of a zipper and attached it to the wires of your earbuds. You zip it up when you're done and zip it down when you're ready to listen to music. The wires look like they're housed inside fabric along with the zipper. The earbuds themselves come with magnetic tips so that they'll snap together when you're not using them.

The design seems pretty solid and would definitely do away with the hassle of tangled wires. It could also be quite a fashion statement although care should be taken not to zip too quickly or get anything caught in the process.

[via Yanko Design]