Tandar – Interactive Monkey Pet with a USB tail

Samia Perkins - Feb 17, 2011
Tandar – Interactive Monkey Pet with a USB tail

Yes, it’s furry, it talks, and it is a little bit scary – and it has a USB port on its tail. And it can also be a nightlight. It is the new Tandars Interactive Pet. Beware if you go to the website, you will need to get past a slowly blinking monkey and a talking tree. The Tandar Monkey uses the USB port to recharge, which takes about 15 minutes for quick playtime and 2 hours for a full charge (hint: do this while the kids are sleeping, or you will be in for a major fit).

The monkey will let you know it needs to be recharged by saying “ah jee baz nam nam”, and acting sluggish. When it is finished charging, it will hiccup and burp to let you know. You can also turn off the pet by pressing a switch on its hip.

We are hoping that the USB port has some kind of a cover to keep cheerios and goldfish and stuff like that from getting stuck inside it.

The Tandars Pet sells for $49.99 (ouch!).
[via Everything USB]

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