TalkTorque 2 Robot Will be Happy to Guide You Through a Museum [Video]

Robots. Most engineers and designers bring robots to life to do a certain set of tasks, or interact with humans in a whole new way. The technology therein is usually the main focus of the robot as a whole, but when you've got a robot that looks like the TalkTorque 2, even the fact that it doesn't talk is creepy. The robot's inability to talk is a design choice from those at Japan's Tsukuba University, who believe that the TalkTorque 2 will be able to become a master at human communication without words, and just gestures.

The point behind TalkTorque 2, is to be able to interact with humans without any words being exchanged. The designers behind the robot believe that TalkTorque 2 would be a perfect guide within places like museums. Letting the human attendees follow the robot around, while it gestures with its head, hands, and hips towards important pieces.

There are three cameras installed in the TalkTorque 2, along with a laser rangefinder. Thanks to the cameras, the robot will be able to recognize returning visitors. In the video below, you can watch the original TalkTorque as it is put through a few tests, all focusing on its gestures.

[via Plastic Pals]