Talismoon's Furry Controller Skins for PSP and Xbox

It is strange to see game controllers going the route of designer handbags, gaudying up with animal prints. Perhaps there is some demand for controller skins, but I had no idea gamers were into the leopard and moo-cow look of this season. But Talismoon sure thinks so and have come out with a new line of fur skins, called Evolve Wild Jungle Edition for the Sony PSP and Xbox360 controllers. Yeah, those dairy cows sure are wild beasts. Supposedly, these skins have a soft 'like fur' finish that will bring 'extreme levels' of comfort to the gamer. I'm not sure me and my sweaty palms want to be grabbing on to what feels like my neighbor's cat. Coming soon for $14.99.

Cow and Leopard Fur for Sony PSP and Xbox 360 Controller [Via: I4U]