Tales of Zestiria JPRG debuts on PS4, PS3, and Steam

When you talk about Japanese RPGs or JRPGs, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest will most likely be at the very top of that list. There are, however, some that do manage to do a stellar job at enticing players from both halves of the world. One of those is the Tales or Tales of series, and its latest, Tales of Zestiria, has just been released. Aside from being the first Tales of game released in nearly three years, this is also the first to be available on the PC, no emulator required.

Like the Final Fantasy series, each installment of the Tales of games have little or even nothing to do with each other (unless you have a direct sequel like Destiny and Xillia). Instead, these games are bound together by their common creators as well as their common gameplay mechanics. While most JRPGs until recent times have been characterized by some form of turn-based combat, the Tales games went the opposite direction and adopted more or less real-time mechanics.

The plot for Tales of Zestiria is you would expect. You are a hero destined to save the world. In this game, that hero is Sorey, a Shepherd that can communicate with spirits called the Seraphim. But that relationship is carried over into battle as well, as Sorey can fuse with said spirits in order to gain their power.

Most of the Tales titles have been available for the PlayStation platform and this is no different. Zestiria can be purchased on both the PS4 and the PS3. This time, though, no Xbox. Instead, the game will be available on PCs via Steam, the first time a Tales title has been natively available for that platform.

A special promo is available for all three platforms. The game's epilogue chapter, "Alisha's Conviction", will be available for free within the first 30 days of the game's launch. After that, the DLC will sell for $9.99. The game sells for $59.99 on PS4, $39.99 on PS3, and $49.99 on Steam.