Take notes with Coffee cup notepad

This coffee cup concept notepad reminds me of my daughter's school. The office receptionist likes to mess with the students and parents minds by telling you to sign in right there on the note pad. The catch is that there are no pens, just a tacky looking silk flower arrangement. As it turns out the flowers are actually the pens, she just likes to mess with people.

This is sort of along the lines of the Take-out Memo designed by Sung Hyeop Seo. The notepads are inside a dual cup holder like you get at the drive through and the notepads are cut and arranged like cups of Joe.

That straw in the middle is actually the pen and you can pull it out, rip off a sheet, and write notes all you want. The gag will be over after you write a few notes though when the full cup note pad turns to a half cup.