Windows Mobile 6.1, 7, and 8 news

First, lets all agree that Windows Mobile 6 sucks, it does, you know it, sure, if you are a tech guru or a hard core business user, it probably has all of or at least most of the features you want. But how easy are they to access and use, here’s and even better experiment, try and make a phone call, I assure you it should be easier.


Google Re-upping to compete with Ask.com

So Ask.com’s new ads show off some pretty cool features that have apparently stolen some users away from Google. What does Google do? The same thing Microsoft would, steals their idea for themselves.


EDotSquare Laptop Cases – pretty and sturdy

For the past few months I have been toting around one of EDotSquare’s laptop cases. It has been safely protecting my 13” MacBook. This is not generally a simple task since I am not always the most graceful person. If it can last through me, it can last through just about anything.


SlashGear Review: T-Mobile SideKick LX

Alright, so I got the Sidekick LX the other day, and I have been playing with it for a while. The people at T-Mobile were great and sent me the device to toy around with, sadly the service where I live is shoddy at best, but the city where I go to school has great service, so I got to really test it out up there.

First off, let me state that I have never even seen a Sidekick before this one, so, this won’t be a review comparing this Sidekick to other previous Sidekicks, this will be a review about this Sidekick model, with comparisons to other devices I have used where applicable. Let me start by saying that this may not be the best phone if have ever had my hands on, but it is the best everything-else device I have had my hands on.


More fret pounding fun with Guitar Hero III

RedOctane was kind enough to send us the newest entry to their Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero III. After many hours of co-op, boss battles and blisters, I can say that Guitar Hero III fills my music infused video game fix more than Dance Dance Revolution ever could.

SlashGear Review: Philips’ VOIP841 dual-mode Skype DECT phone

Here at SlashGear we’ve generally given pretty short shrift to VOIP handsets: all too often they miss the point of their very purpose, to take internet calling out of the realm of the geeky and into the hands of the general public.  Common errors include requiring a USB connection to an attached PC rather than a standalone ethernet hookup, or using WiFi but only supporting unsecured networks which usually means hotspots such as found in Starbucks and elsewhere won’t let you log on.  So when Philips asked us to try out their VOIP841, a combination DECT and Skype phone, it seemed only fair to not warn them of our harsh standards and instead see how well the sleek black handset lived up to some high expectations.


SlashGear Review: O2’s minimalist Cocoon cellphone

Cocoon, if you remember, was a film about a bunch of cantankerous elderly people who discovered the alien key to prolonging their life; with that horrible thought in mind, I grudgingly agreed to review O2 UK’s Cocoon cellphone, fearing that at any moment a trio of elderly men might leap out and deliver a touching message about not marginalising the old.  Thankfully, O2 have been a little more up-to-date with their latest own-brand handset, and while it’s nowhere near perfect have still managed to inject it with a bit more life than some rivals.


SlashGear Review – Toshiba Qosmio F45

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Qosmio F45 for a little while now, and it’s come time for me to let you guys know just how this machine performs. As with many of my reviews, I’m not going to focus on benchmarks as I am actual usability, because lets face it, that’s what really matters.


SlashGear Exclusive: Hands-on with Verizon’s Venus split-screen music phone

Dual-screens on a cellphone are nothing new: clamshells have had them for years, giving Caller ID and status on the outside, while Samsung even experimented with candybars that had a screen on each side.  Verizon’s musicphone for this season, however, the Venus by LG, manages to eke a further new trick out of the dual-screen concept: itself a slider, it has both screens one on top of the other on the same side, the top a standard display while the lower panel is a touchscreen.  SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen grabbed some hands-on time with the Voyager Venus at CTIA – including some exclusive video of the Venus in action – to see if using the cellphone lives up to the concept.  Remember, this is just a first-look; we’ll be bringing you the full SlashGear review of the Venus very soon!


Check out the video of the Verizon Venus after the cut… 


SlashGear Exclusive: Hands-on video with Samsung’s 5-megapixel AF G800 cameraphone

While SlashGear was hobnobbing with Samsung in glamorous Seoul last week, the company showed us the next step in their multimedia handset timeline. Called the G800, it pushes Samsung’s range even further into the realms of consumer photography, bringing a stonking 5-megapixel digital camera, complete with autofocus, xenon flash and a 3x internal optical zoom, to an all-metal slider cellphone body.

Check out our exclusive hands-on video with the G800, after the cut…


Unboxing – iWear VR920

Remember that cool virtual reality gaming headset that I showed you guys last month? Well, as with any other product that promises me either virtual reality, flying cars or time travel, I tend to remain skeptical. However, a package just arrived on my doorstep that promises to give me the most realistic experience possible in a video game.


SlashGear Exclusive: Samsung’s SGH-i550 HSDPA business phone

If Samsung’s flirtation with B&O is a little too extreme for you, but you still fancy some of that HSDPA goodness, then maybe their upcoming SGH-i550 will suit you.  A traditional candybar handset, the i550 ran the risk of being overlooked at Samsung’s press event, but there are certainly enough features to make it worth your while seeking it out.  Aside from the aforementioned HSDPA, Samsung have added a Blackberry-esque illuminated trackball for speedy control, as well as a large 2.6-inch screen and GPS.


Check out the video walkthrough of the Samsung SGH-i550 after the cut