CTIA 2007

Two new phones debut from LG

LG is showing off a couple of new phones at the CTIA Wireless show; the powerful LG VX9400 and the thin and stylish LG570. Vincent was lucky enough to get his hands on them for a little while today.

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More HTC Pictures: HTC Advantage

We were fortunate to see one of the new HTC products that we’ve heard so much about at the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, and we’ve got some great pictures for you.


Close-up shots of the new HTC Shift

If you liked the new Advantage from HTC, you’re going to love their new Shift. It’s like having an Advantage that is faster and runs Windows Vista. Our own Vincent was able to snag a few shots of the new Shift.

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CTIA Wireless: New Phones debut from Pantech

Today mobile phone manufacturer announced the release of five new US phones including the “world’s smallest camera flip phone.”

First up we’ll look at the Pantech C3b which is an update to their “world’s smallest camera flip phone.” It has a few new features including Bluetooth and changeable color faceplates. You’ll also see mobile email, a VGA camera with flash and 4x digital zoom, an instant messaging client, and even a flashlight. All of this is crammed into a tiny 69 x 43 x 20.3mm package.


Helio Ocean

UPDATE 5/11/2007:

First things first: sod the iPhone. Yeah, you read right, forget about it. Stop saving 10-percent of your pay-packet every month, don’t sign 18 to 24 months of your life away to Cingular, think laterally, not with the crowd. Helio have just blown everyone out of the water, and ironically they’ve done it with the Ocean.

Dual-slide for both number pad and full QWERTY. 3G for screaming downloads. Two-megapixel camera with flash, GPS, full HTML browser, 2.4-inch 260k colour QVGA display, on-board stereo speakers, 200MB of internal memory and microSD for more than 2GB more, USB Mass Storage Mode with PC and Mac compatibility… I’m throwing all this out in one fat chunk because if I were to talk you through it we’d be here all day.


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