Cherry Picks 2008

Cherry Picks 2008: JVC HD Everio Camcorder

This amazing HD camera has 3 CCDs and can record at a max resolution of 1440×1080. You don’t have to try and store that video on a flash card either, which might get you an hour of record time at that resolution, instead, there is a 60GB HDD built in.


Cherry Picks 2008: Steadicam Arm and Vest Kit for Merlin

The Steadicam ultra-lightweight Arm and Vest is designed to support the Merlin camera stabilizing system. It makes extended shooting effortless with heavy (7.5lbs) cameras.

It’s designed to fit any shape/size and can actually be worn under clothes, including a tux. It has a lifting range of 28” with barely no force necessary. It’s tool free which means it can be adjusted “on the fly”.


Cherry Picks 2008: iGen Image Capture Night Vision Viewer

This isn’t your run of the mill digital camera, sure it uses and SD card and takes pictures and video, but it does it all at night. Even better yet, it doesn’t use the intensifier tube tech, so that means you can use it in the day as well.


Cherry Picks 2008: Underwater Digital Device

The Underwater Digital Interface, a.k.a. UDI, is the world’s first digital undersea text messaging and SOS emergency communications. It was invented/manufactured by Israel’s Underwater Technology Center (UTC) and its patented technology gives you a greater degree of security than anything else on the market.


Cherry Picks 2008: Vectrix

The Vectrix is the first two-wheeled ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) that combines style and performance. It’s an all-electric maxi-scooter operates at a penny a mile cost. The Vectrix will go from 0-50 in 6.8 seconds with a max speed of 62 MPH and it’s highway legal.


Cherry Picks 2008: Ultimate Ears 10 Pro

These amazing little earbuds manage to pack in three tiny speakers in each ear and a three way crossover, that’s stuff I don’t even have in my home audio. The frequency response is 10Hz to 17kHz.


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