Cherry Picks 2008

Cherry Picks 2008: Fujitsu ScanSnap S300

The ScanSnap S300 is the smallest ADF duplex color scanner. It has an ultra-compact footprint of 11.2”X3.7”x3.0”. It weighs just 3.1lbs and is small enough to fit in a briefcase or laptop bag.

It scan up to 8 pages per minute in full color and will detect blank pages and eliminate them from your PDF’s.


Cherry Picks 2008: Altec Lansing SoundBlade

The SoundBlade stereo Bluetooth speaker system is both a modem and a sound panel which feature dual 2” full-range high output speakers and full stereo Bluetooth v.2. That means it has wireless connectivity with most A2DP stereo Bluetooth phones and laptops. It’s equipped with AVRCP for two way remote volume, mute and track, forward/back controls all from a cellular handset. It has a built in echo canceling microphone and supports AC and battery power. It’s available now for $130.

Cherry Picks 2008: Virgin Mobile’s Wild Card

This Virgin Mobile Phone, called the Wild Card, is already available for $100. It’s the perfect phone for those who love to both text and listen to music.


Cherry Picks 2008: Franklin Electronic Publishers Triple Pick

The only triple pick in Cherry Picks this year came from Franklin Electronic Publishers and their Speaking Merriam-Webster Collegiat Dictionary 11th Edition, Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary and the Speaking Spelling Bee.


Cherry Picks 2008: zBoost zPersonal (YX300) and zBoost Car Unit (YX230)

The zBoost zPersonal, from Wi-Ex Inc., will repeat and amplify a cell phone signal outside a building to your cell phone inside to help give you that boost you may need to make your important calls. The good part is that it does so without breaking away from the cell carriers network.


Cherry Picks 2008: Apricom Aegis Bio

This is for those that are truly concerned with security. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner and 128-bit AES hardware encryption.


Cherry Picks 2008: iSound RoadTalk

So this FM transmitter takes it a step further, it will transmit your music from your audio source such as and MP3 player just like any other FM Transmitter. But on top of that, it connect, via Bluetooth, to your mobile phone, allowing you to use your phone, this device, and your vehicle’s sound system for hands free use of your phone.


Cherry Picks 2008: Data Drive Thru iTornado

This thing is amazing, you connect the cable to any two Windows or Macs, they don’t have to be the same either, they can be different. Once you connect them, it takes a few seconds, and then each computer is mounted as a disk drive on the other computer so you can easily transfer files.


Cherry Picks 2008: NABC UltraLast Innovations Energy Station Charger

This nifty little charger not only powers and/or charges your gadgets, but you can use standard batteries (AA and AAA) to charge them if this thing’s batteries run out. Or, you can take it the other way, via USB, you can charge those same batteries or more, and this thing comes with 4 rechargeable AA batteries.


Cherry Picks 2008: SlingCatcher

The SlingCatcher is a set-top box that will seamless deliver broadcast, broadband and personal content to your TV. It has two built-in applications, SlingPlayer for TV and SlingProjector.

The SlingPlayer for TV has the ability to “sling” your favorite TV programming to another TV in the house or a TV in a remote location without the need of a PC. The SlingProjector enables you to stream/sync internet and PC-based digital audio/video content from your computer to your PC. It supports most popular sites and media players and internet video players and will automatically find compatible players to stream to your TV.


Cherry Picks 2008: Medis 24-7 Power Pack 2W Power Pack Plus

This thing uses a fuel cell and it is a battery extender, its not any entirely new idea, but this particular iteration should be a lot healthier for the environment if and when you ever decide to dispose of it. And the battery life extensions, are simply amazing.


Cherry Picks 2008: Cricket Laptop Stand

This little laptop stand looks small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to support your laptop. It even offers up adjustable height, which allows you to choose between the most ergonomic typing position or the most comfortable viewing angle for your screen.


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