CES 2008

CES 2008: Intel Mobile platform going forward fast

So I stopped by the Intel booth last night at the Pepcom event, and they had a nifty little gadget they were showing off. Sadly they said it was an 09 gadget, but it was freaking awesome.


CES 2008 : Panasonic Teams up with T-mobile and Google’s Picaso to offer free Wireless Image Service

Can’t find a good reason to get the Panasonic Lumix? Wait a bit longer, the coming wireless Lumix will come with a twelve months’ free access to the T-mobile Hotspot service! Panasonic has announced a new development on wireless lumix with integrated upload capability to Google’s Picaso Web Albums directly via T-mobile’s Hotspot. HotSpot service is available in selected store and public location such as Borders, Starbucks, Fedex Kinko, Hyatt hotels and airports.

Panasonic to develop wireless camera [via dpreview]

CES 2008 : Viewsonic joins the affordable Club of 1080p Projector

Viewsonic announced an affordable 1080p LCD projector with Epson’s C2Fine™ panel and Silicon’s optic Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) technology. The Precision Pro8100 uses ViewSonic’s proprietary Precision Color System (PCS), an image enhancement technology that renders natural colors with extensive tuning capabilities and Silicon Optic best in line VX-210 to achieve finest image reproduction. The Vx-210 has the Ewarp VX geometry processing allows more flexible projector placement yet maintaining highest possible image quality, it’s also capable to process dual channels simultaneously.


CES 2008: Photosimile 5000 desktop photography studio

Its name might be a vaguely cheesy pun on ‘facsimile’, but if you’re running an online store the Photosimile 5000 desktop photography studio might save you hours each month.  Basically a turntable inside a 28-inch cube illuminated by 6,500K daylight bulbs, together with a Canon digital camera, the whole thing is computer controlled to take perfectly lit, instantly repeatable shots of objects.



CES 2008: Toshiba Qosmio is first notebook with HD-DVD R/RW drive

The Qosmio G45-AV690 is an amazing laptop with it being the first notebook with an HD-DVD R/RW drive being one of the many new features. It’s a 17-inch notebook with a 1080p resolution for HD-DVD playback. This Toshiba laptop also has the OpenCable or OCUR chipset in it allowing you to have a digital tuner for recording digital or analog TV both over the air or from a Digital cable service and even allows the use of a CableCard.


CES 2008: Sennheiser MX W1 wireless earphones with Kleer technology

Sennheiser has partnered with wireless-expert Kleer (who we first featured back in late-2006) to create what has just jumped to the top of my music want-list: the MX W1 wireless headphones, two unattached earbuds and a transmitter dongle/recharging holder that can plug into any audio source for cord-free listening pleasure.



CES 2008: Shogo Touchscreen WiFi-enabled digital photo frames

Billed as the world’s first touchscreen WiFi-enabled digital photo frames, Shogo has launched two battery-powered models that are supposedly so straightforward to use that a tech-shy grandparent could figure them out.  Differentiated by the amount of onboard memory – a rather measly 1GB or 512MB, although they say that’s enough for up to 25,000 photos at 800 x 600 – both have an 8-inch screen, integrated SD/MS/MMC/xD/SDHC memory card reader, stereo audio, ethernet, USB and WiFi b/g.



CES 2008: Orbitsound promise stereo audio from single speaker enclosure

Some might say it’s the holy grail of audio: getting stereo sound out of a single speaker enclosure, and ridding your room of the cables, multiple boxes and other detritus we’ve relied on before.  British company Airsound have developed what they’re calling airSOUND, a “single point stereo” system that apparently has no ‘sweetspot’ position but instead provides total balanced audio in a space, and just to prove it works they’ve set up the Orbitsound product range launched at CES 2008.



CES 2008: Pacemaker pocket-sized DJ system released

No, not a medical device for ageing Ibiza veterans, the Pacemaker is actually a 120GB-packing PMP capable of playing two tracks simultaneously, allowing users to mix the two together, beat-match and add effects.  Pacemaker can automatically work out the BPM (beats-per-minute) of each track and display it on the 45mm 262k colour TFT screen, letting you match the speeds for a professional mix.  Two output channels are provided, one for headphones and the other a line-out for external amplification, and the Pacemaker is compatible with MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and WAV files.



CES 2008: Sony reveals the new Alpha, DSLR-A200 DSLR

Sony has revealed the latest in the Alpha line of DSLRs, the A200, at CES 2008. The ten megapixel APS size CCD has higher sensitivity, faster AF, a larger LCD screen compared to the previous model, the A100. Like all Alpha, the A200 has an In-Body Super SteadyShot® image stabilization to allow shooting in low light conditions: up to 3.5 stops advantage. The exposure meter is backed by Sony’s D-Range Optimizer (DRO) and has a fast 3 fps continued auto-focusing system at 1.7x, better than the last model, on top of a powerful BIONZ image processing engine to reduce noise.


CES 2008: TASER unveil shocking leopard-print C2 stun-gun & MP3 holster

For anybody who has looked at a TASER device before and thought “oh, but it won’t go with my outfit”, the company has released a leopard-print version of its C2 personal protection device, and are busy describing it as “fashion with a bite”.  Capable of pumping electricity through barbs with an up to fifteen foot range, the device is the latest in TASER’s range to be aimed at women.



CES 2008: Goodbye Bill Gates, from SlashGear with love

Dear Bill,

Thanks for sharing your last day at Microsoft with us, here at CES 2008. Despite all the product announcements, PR people wrestling for our attention and press releases firing out of the fax machine like a gatling gun, we wanted to take a special moment to say thanks for everything you’ve done for the consumer electronics industry. We might not have always agreed with you, we might have occasionally hated your products and even replaced the ‘s’ in Microsoft with a dollar sign, but at least you gave us something to write about.

Hell, we even loved Ctrl+Alt+Del!

Love from SlashGear

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