CES 2008

CES 2008: Daytona II Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse

If words like chrome, rubber and Daytona get your heart pumping and you happen to be in the market for a wireless mouse, then you’re sure to love this one. Its wheel is chrome accented, it has a rubber tread and of course it’s called the DAYTONA II.


CES 2008: Ality Wireless PIXXA digital photo frame

Even though I don’t understand the need or want of a digital photo frame they seem to be prevalent on the market today and Ality released another one this week. It has an 8” LCD screen, Wi-Fi, a user friendly interface and a rechargeable battery.


CES 2008: OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner hands-on

The video is of one of our other staffers getting his hands on the device, but I also got some hands on time, and I have to say, that for an open source phone, it’s not too bad. It is a little sluggish, and the menu’s can be confusing since they are all picture based and the pictures don’t make much sense, but other than that, I like it.


CES 2008: Kensington DisplayLink dual-monitor adapter

So Kensington has decided to adopt the DisplayLink technology for their new dual-monitor adapter. This allows you to plug in two monitors over USB.


CES 2008: Bluetooth SIG picks winners of Best of CES

So, every year for what is now the past 3 years the Bluetooth special interest group or SIG has picked the best of the new Bluetooth products at CES this year. There were 48 new devices entered and there were 6 categories.

The categories are Overall, Headset, Input, Music, Transfer, and Vertical. The overall category winner was the Samsung P2 Widescreen Music player. The rest of the list is below.


CES 2008: Vodafone ‘Stick’ 7.2Mbps HSUPA USB modem

Vodafone UK are beginning to offer a USB mobile broadband modem capable of accessing the network’s 7.2Mbps HSUPA connection, with both Mac and PC compatibility and upload rates of up to 1.44Mbps.



CES 2008: SkullCandy iPhone FMJ headphones

They are marketing them for the iPhone, but they work with several other phones too and even have a cool feature they showed me at the booth, but the feature only works on the BlackBerry Curve, so they said. But they look like a normal pair of high-end SkullCandy earbuds, the only difference is that they have a microphone and a call/end switch.

They come with a few different ear inserts and a case and they have their usual noise-isolating technology built in. I am pretty sure they said that the call/end button also acts as a play/pause button too.

Anyways, the cool feature for the BlackBerry Curve that they showed me is that if you hold down the call/end button for a few seconds you can voice dial. If you want a pair, they aren’t high end by any means, but they are better than the stock earbuds by a lot and at $89.95 they are well worth it.

No designated driver needed with the Chevy Tahoe self-driving vehicle

No designated driver needed with the Chevy Tahoe self-driving vehicle

If you're going to win the DARPA autonomous vehicle challenge, you've got to be pretty clever; even so, when General Motors (GM) invited the SlashGear CES team to be passengers in their Chevy Tahoe self-driving SUV, there was a little apprehension about giving up the keys to a robot! Of course, we shouldn't have been worried: with 25 sensors, including five radar units giving a 360-degree view of its surroundings, two lasers from specialist Continental and GPS, all feeding data about the driving environment and any potential obstacles into advanced behavior algorithms, the Tahoe had more eyes on the road than the team did!

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CES 2008: IOGear Chargers

IOGear had a couple of chargers on display this week, the Slim Charger and the Rescue Charger. The Slim Charger is thin and lightweight, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket and will power your phone twice before it needs to be recharged itself. It’ll cost about $30.


CES 2008: Invisio Pro-M Noise Elimination Headset

The Invisio Pro-M promises to transfere your voice and only your voice through its bone conduction microphone. It an in-the-ear headset and was designed for “those who take their communication seriously” such as law enforcement, military and surveillance and intelligence agencies.


CES 2008: Pocketfinder Personal Location Device

The Pocketfinder is a small personal GPS. It’s purpose is to help parents keep track of their children when playing or even someone with down syndrome, Alzheimer’s or autism. Heck, you could even use this device to keep track of a valuable asset if your wanted as it’s only about the size of an oreo.


CES 2008: Memorex iWake Up Clock

The Memorex iWake Up Clock is made for the iPhone and iPod/touch. In layman’s terms it’s a radio alarm clock that allows you to wake up to your music, or if you want you can choose the AM/FM function.


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