CES 2008

CES 2008: Pepcom – Navigon 7100

The Navigon 7100 GPS comes with Reality View and Lane Assistant which will show you on the screen exactly which way/lane/road to take. It has an automatic traffic jam avoidance system which is very handy and Radar Info which tells you when a speed camera is coming up.

It has more than 2 million points of interest and has both 2D and 3D map views. The 4.3 full color touch screen is easy to read in it’s 16:9 widescreen format.


CES 2008: Fujitsu LifeBook U810

So this mini notebook is a cool hybrid cross between a UMPC and a Tablet PC. It has the same hinge as a convertible tablet, but the screen size of a UMPC. It also has a biometric fingerprint scanner and a 5.5 hour battery life, but Fujitsu have added 3G WWAN cellular broadband so as to maximise on-the-road use.


CES 2008: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Noise-Canceling headphones

So, these things one an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award, and for a good reason too, I tried them on to demo them, and without music playing, just on the noisy show floor, they dropped out almost all of the noise. There was enough noise coming through that I could here what I wanted to, but it was at a level that was easily ignorable and all the background noise was completely eliminated.


CES 2008: Parrot RK8200 digital card stereo/hands-free kit

So Parrot is so innovative that they have decided to go ahead and ditch the optical media formats, which is a smart move on their part since I have more music on my phone than I do on all of the CDs both burned and bought that I have. But, in place of the optical media, they have given you so many more ways to connect what you do store your music on.


Bill Gates 2008 CES Keynote Live (sort of)

Well, the wait is almost over. Bill Gates is set to take to stage any moment now.


Cherry Picks 2008: Virgin Mobile’s Wild Card

This Virgin Mobile Phone, called the Wild Card, is already available for $100. It’s the perfect phone for those who love to both text and listen to music.


Cherry Picks 2008: zBoost zPersonal (YX300) and zBoost Car Unit (YX230)

The zBoost zPersonal, from Wi-Ex Inc., will repeat and amplify a cell phone signal outside a building to your cell phone inside to help give you that boost you may need to make your important calls. The good part is that it does so without breaking away from the cell carriers network.


CES 2008: Waiting for Gates Keynote speech

Finally, the first part of the wait is finally over. The first part of the wait took an hour and a half. It’s now 5PM so there’s another hour and a half before Gates take the stage. All I can say is he better be extremely funny and/or show off some a$$ kick products.


How I Forrest Gump into Gates keynote speech

I was just getting out of Samsung’s press conference then as I was trying to leave; there was this massive line. So, I thought that was the way out. Next thing I know, I’m being directed up two flights of escalators where I saw a ton of securities standing around. I figured – oh well where ever I’m being told to go can’t be too bad!

So then two flights of escalator later, I’m in line with a bunch of other members of the press waiting to enter Gates’ last keynote speech (ever).

Check back for full coverage later…maybe.

Cherry Picks 2008: Apricom Aegis Bio

This is for those that are truly concerned with security. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner and 128-bit AES hardware encryption.


Cherry Picks 2008: Gibson Robot Guitar

Allow me to list just the technology stuffed in this thing that allows it to tune itself, there are locking servo powered tuners in the tuning keys, there is a CPU in the neck, which is all controlled by they Tune-Control Bridge, a Tune Core Controller, Data-Transmitting Tailpiece and much more. To tune it, automatically, obviously, because why would you buy this to tune it yourself, you select A440 tuning or there are 5 other presets.


Cherry Picks 2008: iSound RoadTalk

So this FM transmitter takes it a step further, it will transmit your music from your audio source such as and MP3 player just like any other FM Transmitter. But on top of that, it connect, via Bluetooth, to your mobile phone, allowing you to use your phone, this device, and your vehicle’s sound system for hands free use of your phone.


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