CES 2007

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Invisible Shield

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Invisible Shield

A clear plastic film so strong, the rep dared to wrap it on a precious iPod and throw the thing in a box of nails and shook it around violently. iPod remained unscratched, for those concerned.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Kill A Watt EZ

Keep on top of your electricity bills by using this Electricity Monitor that “Empowers” you to save hundreds. Just plug in your appliance to the outlet on this gizmo and it will tell you exactly how much electricity that appliance is running up and the cost per day, month, or year.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Franklin Electronics E-Dictionary and mp3

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Franklin Electronics E-Dictionary and mp3

This one's for the geeks who also enjoy music. Carry your dictionary around while listening to your fav tunes.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Walletex

So, we’ve written up a little on this tiny gizmo, the Walletex Mp3 player that’s the size of a credit card. And here we see it up close and personal in all its glory. Rep claims it to be the “Paris Hilton” of mp3 players.

CES 2007: Live from the Cherry Picks

We are blogging live here from the annual very exclusive Cherry Picks event at CES where a gazillion of the latest gadgets are given their minute on stage to bathe in a sea of flashes as the rep gives their best speel. So, stay tuned as new posts are being added live (pictures and video will be added later). Here’s a pic of us setting up early.

CES 2007: Remote Control BladeRunner Recon Spy Helicopter

The BladeRunner Recon by Interactive Toy Concepts made its first appearance at the CES Unveiled earlier tonight.  I was thinking of the best way to mount a digital camera on the original Mosquito, but there’s absolutely no way to do it.  However, I won’t need to rack my brains any longer thanks to the soon to release BladRunner Recon.  It has a digital camera mounted on the nose allowing you to take video images or still images.  What’s even better is that you can catch all the action on its 2.2-inch LCD screen on the controller for a pilot’s view.  The recorded videos and still images are downloadable through the USB port.

The BladeRunner Recon comes ready to fly right out of the box – no assembly required.

NEW: Mosquito Version 2!


CES 2007: Celestron VistaPix IS70 digital spotting scope

The VistaPix IS70 combines a traditional 70mm spotting scope and a 3-megapixel digital camera into one single device.  The digital spotter has a large 2-inch LCD flip screen for easy location and focusing of objects.

CES 2007: Celestron VistaPix IS70 digital spotting scope

You have the option to use the spotting scope for observing like a normal spotting scope, or use it to take images and record video at low or high power with the built-in CCD camera.  The VistaPix IS70 is intended for outdoor photography, voyeurs, hunters, birders, sporting enthusiasts, surveillance and more.

CES 2007: Celestron VistaPix IS70 digital spotting scope


CES 2007: Hannspree Themed Monitors

In a day and age where all tasteful design points towards minimalism and chic, Hannspree seems to have missed the memo. Its great that they attempt to go the road less traveled, but I have to say some of their monitor designs are God awful and I’m surprised they actually expect us to pay extra for it. Sure, that baseball-themed LCD might be great for little Tommy just as that firetruck LCD might be great for little Timmy, but any parents willing to pay extra for a dressed up inferior 19-inch panel should have their kids taken away.

And do the kids really care if that baseball-themed LCD is handcrafted of genuine leather? Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh, and ultimately there’s probably going to be some fanatic baseball fan out there in his 30s dying to get one of these. Take a look and judge for yourself. I like my bezels thin, you?

CES 2007: Gennum Super-Tiny nX6000 Bluetooth Headset

The new nX6000 is the answer to my prayer for a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t suck ass. I’ve been using the nXZEN 5000 for a few weeks now – and I’m just in awed at how great it sounds. Gennum use digital signal processor (DSP) to boost acoustic performance, reduce background noise and isolate voice for hands-free mobile communication.

So what makes the nX6000 rock so hard? First of all, it’s roughly 50% smaller than the previous models, and provides and orgasmic experience. It features a dual microphone array that isolates voice, and Gennum’s patented FrontWave Extreme acoustic processing. So what does this mean for you as the user or the lucky guy on the receiving end? You’re able to hear and be heard clearly – even during window-down, music blaring highway driving.

Gennum Super-Tiny nX6000 Bluetooth Headset


CES 2007: Take your iPod to the water

Now, we’ve seen plenty of waterproof cases for the iPod, but this EGO-Waterproof Sound Case incorporates some waterproof speakers which I suppose gives it that added oomph. Equipped with rubberized bumper guards and a shatterproof polycarbonate body, the EGO case can be tossed into the pool or hung in the shower. I wasn’t incredibly excited about the product, but it’s always fun to see a booth display with an iPod sitting dangerously in a container dunked in a tank of water clinging for dear life much like some FearFactor ordeal. But unfortunately those pictures ended up all fuzzy, so there’s none here for your enjoyment.

CES 2007 Show Floor in The Making

SlashGear team showed up early this year in Las Vegas to bring you pre-CES show coverage. We have a chance to visit the show floor while it’s in the making. Enjoy the pictures of the show floor while exhibitors are putting their booth and products.

More pictures after the jump …


CES 2007: Parrot’s 7-incher Bluetooth picture frame

The 3.5-inch Bluetooth picture frame was a good start, but the bigger and more colorful 7-inch, 720×480 pixel screens is much better! The new frame has 128MB of internal memory, which holds about 500 pictures. Also, it’s got a sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending the lighting in the room.

Overall, the frame looks great in tan leather or black finishes. You’ll be able to pick these up for $249 sometime in the spring.

Parrot 7-inch picture frame

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