CES 2007

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Crosley’s Old-School Styling

These gizmos from Crosley have an old-school charm with new-school technology, perfect for those nolstagic of the 50s. The iJuke works as an iPod dock and speaker system while the Songwriter CD Burner not only can play vinyl but can also burn your vinyl directly onto CD.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: iSound Time Travel

Ultra-portable and compact iPod alarm and micro speaker system perfect for travel. It features two microdrivers and is compatible with non-iPod players. Battery-powered as well as AC.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: AT&T Remote Monitoring System by XANBOO

I left my two pet rabbits Fluffy and Bobo at home alone, so that I could make it here to CES. In my rush, I forgot to leave my house keys with a friend. And now I could only wish I had a XANBOO AT&T Remote Monitor system setup. The starter kit is priced around $99. Users can view live video, monitor doors and windows, control lights, check their home’s temperature, and much more on a secure website using any web enabled Cingular Wireless mobile device. If only I had it, I could check right now to see if Fluffy and Bobo haven’t already trashed my house.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: HydraBrush

Clean your teeth like never before with the HydraBrush. It is designed to clean both sides of your teeth and both top and bottom all simultaneously by using four brush heads to ensure you get that white squeaky clean smile. Will be available in Q3 of 2007 for around $129.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: AVEGA AON Wi-Fi Speaker System

Claimed as the world’s first comprehensive Wi-Fi audio product platform, the AON Wi-Fi speaker system and technology platform from Avega Systems provides wireless access to music from PCs, media servers, game consoles, and Wi-Fi enabled cell phones and other such mobile devices.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: EVO Laptop/Tablet PC Arm

Ever get that sore neck when hunched over your laptop? Well the EVO Laptop/Tablet PC Arm will solve that problem if you pay $299 for it. It can accomodate both laptops and tablet PCs of all sizes.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: RIDATA Secure Digital High Capacity card

This SDHC card will be available in 4GB and 8GB capacity sizes. The rep claims you can daisy-chain these up to increase total memory up to 32GB. Priced respectively around $180 and $360.

CES 2007 CherryPicks: SolidDrive SD1

The SolidDrive is a powerful patent-pending sound transducer that transmits acoustical energy through almost any solid surface. So why have speakers when you can turn your coffee table into a sound resonating piece of your home audio setup. Said to deliver high-quality sound with the frequency response of conventional diaphragm speakers, the SD1 works with most rigid surfaces including glass, drywall, granite, metal, wood, ceramics, and composites. Cool but pricey at $500-$550 per channel plus installation. So you must really hate the sight of speakers to go for this one.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Brookstone’s uSurf

So you couldn’t quite get out to catch some waves down at your nearest beach. Brookstone’s got the solution for you in the form of an exercising platform that emulates the action of surfing, thus engaging the body’s core muscles by forcing the body to constantly try to keep balance. Perhaps just a cooler more technologically advanced version of those infomercial medicine balls. Launches this month for around $500.


CES 2007 Cherry Picks: MoGo Mouse now for Expresscard

MoGo Mouse X54 now comes ready for your laptop’s Expresscard slot. Will be available in April for around $69.99. Also announcing the world’s smallest Bluetooth adapter, the MoGoAdapter.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: Z1900 Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Z1900 is an intelligent cell phone signal booster from Spotwave that will help eliminate those terrible dropped-calls and those “can you hear me now” moments. Go to Spotwave’s site for more info.

CES 2007 Cherry Picks: PalmSecure from Fujitsu

Using biometric technology, the PalmSecure authentication system works by capturing a person’s vein pattern image while radiating it with near-infrared rays. So it’ll lock down your computer until you wave your hand over the gizmo to magically unlock it.

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