CeBIT 2007

US70x series UMPCs still look fantastic

I’ve already frothed, foamed and fulminated about the US700, an achingly tasty slate-style UMPC running Vista, and now JKK over on the Origami Project forum has pointed us in the direction of the video he shot at CeBIT of it and it’s convertible (and no less attractive) sister, the US702.

No more specs (though there’s a pretty comprehensive run-down of the US700 here) but there’s no beating first-hand experience; apparently both units are “really small and solid”, and have light-touch screens for tireless prodding.

Origami Project [via jkontherun]

SlashGear at CeBIT: O2 party featuring the SUGABABES update

The short walk to the Germany Pavilion turned out to be nearly 20 minutes long, in the rain.  Then I waited another 20 minutes outside.  Once inside, O2 made the crowd wait over 2 hours before the SUGABABES utter a single melody.  Sad indeed.  I would have left, but the folks I went with wanted to stay – at least for the first song.  So I waited.

Enjoy the short clip of the SUGABABES opening number.  And by the way, you better enjoy it because take videos wasn’t permitted.

SlashGear at CeBIT 2007: Samsung Q1 Ultra Video walkthrough

Sorry for taking so long to get the Samsung Q1 Ultra video up.  Enjoy.

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SlashGear at CeBIT: Stressed? Take it out on your Brother

I’m not sure if Vincent has had a bad experience in the past with a Brother printer, or if he just enjoys seeing a lady pummelling inflatables, but what I do know is that his cries of “harder! harder!” will likely haunt my dreams tonight.

Reports that this is a new USB teleconferencing accessory designed to recreate that “punch the boss in the nose, that dumb schmuck” moment for off-site workers have so far failed to provoke comment from Brother’s PR department. Similarly rumours of an inflatable chair version with Steve Ballmer branding are yet to be confirmed.

SlashGear at CeBIT: AMtek T200 ‘iTablet’

With a name like “iTablet” and a glistening white colour scheme, it’s obvious which company AMtek is trying to provoke comparisons to with its latest Tablet PC. It’s an old – and unimpressive – routine, and frankly they don’t really need the name; it’s an attractive unit in its own right. Anyway, associations aside, AMtek’s latest runs XP not Vista and, according to their site at least, has an odd mix of decent and bland features.



SUGABABES are performing tonight at an O2 sponsored party.  The weather just turned crappy – so I’m debating whether to attend.  What do you think?

I better decide quickly because only the first 1,000 get in; and the event starts in 45 minutes.  I gotta trek across the fair grounds just to get to it…ok, ok, I’ll go.  Look for SUGABABES videos later.

NAVIsis demo pen computing solutions at CeBIT

So you’ve bought into the Tablet PC lifestyle but you can’t afford to buy an actual Tablet PC… or maybe you’re wondering just how much you’d actually use the pen after a lifetime of mousing.  NAVIsis would rather like you to look to their add-on products, then, which promise to bring the joys of ink to your desktop or laptop.  They’re at CeBIT showing off the LaptopTablet, a chunky little bar that clips to the side of your notebook’s screen and monitors the position of a special pen, and that will work seamlessly with certain versions of Vista’s inbuilt Tablet PC functionality.


Slashgear at CeBIT: Samsung Q1 Ultra vs Q1b

This is a follow up article to the Everything You Want to Know about the Samsung Q1 Ultra. As you can see, there are significant improvements in the Q1 Ultra.

The Q1 Ultra is about half an inch shorter than the Q1b. There is a split keypad on either side of the 7-inch screen.

The Q1 Ultra supports native 1024×768 screen size. This make makes a huge different on a device this small.


Slashgear at CeBIT: Bathroom Mirror TV – Lifestyle at CeBIT teaser

The Bathroom Mirror TV by ad notam is one of many futuristic products currently available for consumers on display at Lifestyle@CeBIT. This is a very short teaser for the full article to be published Monday.

The Bathroom Mirror TV line redefines the wall-mounted bathroom mirror. It offers a complete solution for your bathroom mirror, with a fully integrated TV, and a speaker.

It is custom engineered for the harsh environment; where it’s well protected against humidity by a special casing, and is explicitly rated for operation in the bathroom.

The Bathroom Mirror TV line is available in several mirror dimensions, and it can be customized to fit any bathroom sizes; for those who can afford it. If you have to ask how much, then it’s obvious you cannot afford it.

I will cover other ad notam products in my full LifestyleCeBIT coverage.

Slashgear at CeBIT: Sleepy heads!

Slashgear at CeBIT: Sleepy heads!

CeBIT coverage can get very tiring. There are a few really sweet spots around the fair ground providing the right setting for quick shut eye.

Look, even the Penthouse girl needs her beauty sleep.

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Slashgear at CeBIT: Ndevr USB drive galore!

USB Nu Drive is comes in various designs (customizable design and coloration), environmental-friendly rubbery material, and it’s 100% waterproof as well as shockproof.


Slashgear at CeBIT: Samsung took home “Best Hardware” award for Solid State Drive

CeBIT puts on an annual award highlighting the best in show chosen and voted by CHIP editors. The selection process started back in January. Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) is one of three nominees, including AMD 690G Chipset and ASUS XG Station.

Congrats to Samsung for taking home CeBIT’s most coveted award in the category of Best Hardware for the SSD. Note: The acceptance video below is in German.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the SSD for review!

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