TAG Heuer teases limited-edition Super Mario watch with launch next week

TAG Heuer plans to release a limit-edition Super Mario-themed watch later this month, the company revealed in a new teaser. The company is best known for its timepieces, though it also produces smartwatches and select other accessories. TAG Heuer is now accepting registrations from interested consumers who want to get the Super Mario watch for themselves.

TAG Heuer teased the upcoming product with a blisteringly bright, colorful video that doesn't actually show the watch, though you can enjoy the looping Super Mario audio track if that's something you enjoy. The companion website for the product includes a look at the watch case, however, which is bright red with the iconic Mario "M" logo.

The tweet states that consumers will be able to "power up" on July 13, but the product's registration website lists the watch's launch as July 15. A countdown timer on the same website indicates that July 15 is the correct date for the launch, though maybe TAG Heuer plans to provide a proper look at the watch model earlier in the week on July 13.

The registration website says that consumers who register will get an "early drop" related to the product, though it's unclear what that means. Regardless, those who register are told they'll be "the first to know," so presumeably you can expect to get alerts when the watch becomes available if you sign up with your phone number or email address.

This limited-edition watch will be available on the TAG Heuer website and likely through boutique stores, though the company hasn't revealed how many units will be up for grabs. Given the nature of the company, consumers can likely expect a luxury product that comes with a similarly high price tag, putting the watch into the realm of collectors and timepiece enthusiasts with a fondness for classic Nintendo IP.