Tablets underwhelming claims analyst; Samsung "dramatically revise" Galaxy Tab production

Tablet's may be fashionable among tech fans right now, but it seems actual sales may not match the hype. According to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, Apple's iPad production is set to top out at under 2m per month by the end of the year (where predictions of over 3m per month had been made), while Samsung is tipped to have "dramatically revise[d] down production volumes" after "poor sell through" of the Galaxy Tab.

Meanwhile Dell's successes with the Streak are apparently even more shaky, according to the analyst, who surmises "less said the better" about the 5-inch hybrid MID/phone. He also cites "anecdotal" evidence that the MacBook Air may be cannibalizing iPad sales, though we'd imagine the new ultraportable is still enjoying the early sales halo of launch hype.

"We do not see Tablets go the way of netbooks or a flash in the pan, but if current trends continue, the Tablet market may not end as much more than iPads or a tweener product between smart phones and next generation thin-and-light notebooks a la MacBook Air" Ashok Kumar, analyst, Rodman & Renshaw

[via Android Community]