TabletKiosk's storming slates caught on video

TabletKiosk's latest slates have already made me visibly moist, and GottaBeMobile's video review of the i440D has done nothing to dry me out.  The 25mm thick Tablet PC is quite the mobile powerhouse, with the sleek, no-nonsense chassis containing a 12.1-inch dual-mode active/passive digitiser, room for up to 3GB of RAM and a 160GB SATA hard-drive.


Hugo Ortega, the gurning god of slatery in the photo above, does his best to restrain his excitement (i.e. not very well, but I'd be just as bad) at the nigh-on 4hrs of battery life, Media Center functionality and clever pen-features like "wake on swipe".

You can find out more about the i440D at TabletKiosk's site.

Hardware InkShow: TabletKiosk Sahara i440D[GottaBeMobile]