TabletKiosk Sahara i440D keeps pulling in the positive reviews: is this the best Tablet PC slate yet?

Damn you, Warner Crocker!  Here I am, having just about managed to staunch the flow of drool that threatened to drown my cat and short-circuit my keyboard thanks to lusting over TabletKiosk's Sahara i440D Tablet PC, and you go and get me all moist again with your bearded review. 


The i440D still looks to be the slate to beat in the Tablet PC world.  Warner found it'd comfortably average 3.5hrs of battery life from the standard 6-cell pack, and while the Intel Core Duo LV 2500 1.83 CPU isn't top of the class for speed it sounds like it did the job just fine.

Most exciting is TabletKiosk's implementation of the Dual-Mode screen – i.e. you can use it both with a special stylus or with your finger – and I have to agree with Warner that it's one of the better implementations of the technology that I've seen.

Still, I'm not forgiving him for opening up a whole big sack of gadget-lust.  You can read more about the Sahara range at TabletKiosk's site.

TabletKiosk Sahara i440D InkShow [GottaBeMobile]