T-shirts will reveal your geekiness

A new T-shirt from EL glows the time in big light green digital clock on a t-shirt. I don't see the point of a shirt that is like this; It is not much of a fashion statement. It will however, keep the people who ask for the time away from you.

A stop watch funtion is also included, and the shirt is powered from 4 AAA batteries. I would imagine that the shirt would be somewhat uncomfortable to wear, and you can only hand wash the shirt. It is available for $40 over at ThinkGeek.com.

A T-qualizer shirt is also available. Even cooler than the clock t-shirt, the display on the T-qualizer shirt moves its bars according to ambient music being played. Again, the shirt must be handwashed and it uses 4 AAA batteries.

Cool Digital Clock T-shirt [Via I4U News]