T-Mobile USA Scam Shield lets you switch numbers for free

T-Mobile revealed Scam Shield today for the protection of all T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro by T-Mobile users. Scam Shield is a program under which T-Mobile will launch several features. Scam Shield includes free scam identification and blocking, enhanced Called ID, and ID monitoring. T-Mobile also suggested that users can now get a "free second number to keep your personal number personal" as well as a "free number change if needed."

Scam Shield features were announced with a release date of July 24, 2020. Before then, T-Mobile and Metro customers can use a code to "activate scam blocking" straightaway. If you have a T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile smartphone, you can activate scam blocking by dialing #662# right this minute.

Users will be able to utilize "Free Be ID Aware Service" for ID monitoring and alerts "for 12 months" when the service is launched. Be aware, though, that this ID monitoring service is only "free" for a year, after which you'll see a charge on your bill. This service is presented by the folks at McAfee, the same people who appear on Windows devices aplenty with their pre-installed "protections" and such.

A free second number can be attained with the service called T-Mobile PROXY. T-Mobile (and Sprint, and Metro) will also allow you to "get a clean slate with a new number" for free.

Users will get Free Scam ID and Blocking using the "upgraded Call Screener app". This service was previously $2.99 per line per month. This service will be free for T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile, and T-Mobile LineLink home phone customers.

How do I get this stuff?

The Scam Shield service will be activated with the official Scam Shield app. There'll be some protections for free, as well as "more advanced call controls", activated "for an extra charge."

If you're using a Sprint device, you'll "now get free protections" that were previously an "added charge" with the newest version of the Call Screener app. That app is already likely installed on your device right this minute.