T-Mobile Unlimited 5GB, 10GB Data Price Hike Starting April 4

T-Mobile will be increasing the price of its Classic 5GB and 10GB unlimited data plans starting April 4, according to a leaked internal document. Specifically, the Premium 5GB Promotional Bundles and the Ultra 10GB Promotional Bundles Classic data plans will be increased by $5 per month and will also be replaced with new features after the price change.

The price hike does not apply to T-Mobile's Value Plan data features and will not affect any customers that sign up for either of the two Classic promotional bundles before April 4. T-Mobile explains this change as a way to better align its Classic and Value plan pricing to achieve Value mix targets, or basically to get more people to switch to Value plans. T-Mobile's Value Plans require customers to purchase a handset for full price in exchange for a much lower monthly cost.

However, T-Mobile says that despite this increase, customers will find that they are still saving at least $15 per month using a T-Mobile Unlimited Premium Classic plan as opposed to using a similar plan from competing carriers. T-Mobile will also continue offering the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and MobileLife Album Plus service add-ons for an additional $19.98 per month.

[via TMoNews]