T-Mobile UK "Full Monty" plan offers true unlimited voice, calls, data, tethering

T-Mobile UK has announced a new, truly-unlimited plan – The Full Monty – with no "fair-use" restrictions for heavy voice, text and data users. Set to accept new subscribers from February 1, the 24-month agreement also includes unlimited tethering, allowing you to use your phone as a way to get your tablet or laptop online without paying extra or running into caps.

The Full Monty plan will kick off at £36 ($54) per month, though that will only include unlimited calls to other T-Mobile UK subscribers. Calls to other networks will come under a 2,000 minute limit. You'll have to pay £41 ($64) per month or above to get truly unlimited calls across all the networks.

T-Mobile will also offer various smartphones on the plans, including the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation XE and BlackBerry 9900. Some will be offered free with a new agreement, and others will require an upfront charge of up to £99, tariff depending. Finally, there'll be unlimited WiFi access through BT Openzone.

Unlimited used to truly mean unlimited in the UK, until carriers grew cautious at the increasing scale of voice call, text and data adoption and applied "fair-use" policies and caps. Rival carrier Three already offers unlimited data in the UK, and we're hoping other carriers will follow suit.