T-Mobile to Unveil 4G Plans at CES 2011

Evan Selleck - Dec 23, 2010
T-Mobile to Unveil 4G Plans at CES 2011

4G is going to be a hot ticket at CES 2011, no doubt about that. With HTC confirming that they’ll be showing off an 4G LTE-based handset on January 6th, it’s T-Mobile’s turn to announce that they’ve got plenty of 4G related news ready to go for the big show. While they’ll be taking some time to talk about overall speeds, they’ll also be sure to talk about what everyone else wants to hear: devices.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mark McDiarmid –Senior Director of Engineering– gave a very brief highlight of what T-Mobile plans on showcasing. First and foremost, the wireless carrier will talk about their plans for HSPA+, and how they will build a path to 4G speeds clocked at 42Mbps. McDiarmid said that T-Mobile will, “unveil its plans for the faster network in Vegas,” and added that the technology will be implemented into smartphones next year.

T-Mobile, according to McDiarmid, plans on focusing on Android, 4G, and continuing to drive innovation behind both of those things well into 2011. Does that mean we’ll get to see some devices, like those proposed smartphones, or maybe even some tablets, at CES in Las Vegas? Perhaps. Or, it could just be a time where T-Mobile will hint at some devices, but focus primarily on the technology behind them.

[via Tmo News]

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