T-Mobile to get WiFi-enabled BlackBerry Curve?

Chris Davies - May 26, 2007

Rumour abounds that T-Mobile US will be launching their own version of BlackBerry’s Curve smartphone, the 8320, identical to the 8300 that AT&T will be carrying except for the pleasant addition of WiFi.  It’s a reasonable prediction, given T-Mobile’s numerous WiFi hotspots.

BlackBerry Curve 

Of course, the sickening thing about rumours is that we don’t have any details of release date, price or any of the other lovely factlets we all want to hear.  AT&T are meant to have their 8300 on the market in the next few weeks, and T-Mobile will follow after that, supposedly, so there’s a little while to go.

The Boy Genius Report [via MetroPost]

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