T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE car system adds roadside assistance

T-Mobile has announced new roadside assistance to go with its SyncUP DRIVE automotive product. The roadside assistance comes from the Allstate Motor Club, and is made available to all SyncUP DRIVE customers who have a qualifying plan, according to T-Mobile. With the feature, of course, users can get assistance on the road if, for example, their vehicle breaks down or another issues arises.

T-Mobile's SyncUP DRIVE is an automotive dongle and related mobile app that keeps tabs on the subscriber's vehicle and their driving habits, making the data available on the driver's phone. This includes things like getting speed alerts if the person driving goes over a certain limit, vehicle diagnostics, being able to see the car's location, analyses of driving behavior and more.

The new SyncUP DRIVE roadside assistance is provided to subscribers for free, and can be used for things like getting helping changing a tire, ordering a tow truck, and similar. The related mobile app will prompt SyncUP DRIVE users to accept the latest update and then to enroll in the Allstate Motor Club. Doing so will add the roadside assistance feature.

Talking about the new feature, Allstate Roadside Services President Pam Dufour said:

We are excited about this relationship with T-Mobile and for what it can mean for SyncUP DRIVE customers who find themselves where no one wants to be – stranded on the side of the road.

SOURCE: T-Mobile