T-Mobile Sidekick Slide hitting retail outlets TODAY!

If you have been interested in the new Sidekick that was made by Motorola, the purple and black one, then you can pick one up today for $199.99 at your choice of T-Mobile outlets. Of course that price is with a two-year contract.

On to better news, they have decided to give both the Slide and the new LX a "Consumer E-Mail Upgrade" basically it makes it easier to set up and use your public email accounts from companies such as Yahoo! and AOL. Specifically for those two companies, they also support their PUSH email systems.

You'll also be able to setup other POP and IMAP accounts as you wish, and as always, access to your T-Mail account will be built in too. The new mail client will work a lot like MySpace on the Sidekick with tabs across the top for each account. The upgrade will come in OTA and will start rolling out today, with everyone getting it by November.