T-Mobile Shadow Reviewed

The guys over at CrunchGear got their hands on a T-Mobile Shadow to review, so what did they think? Overall they seemed to think it was a rather mediocre handset.

They did like the scroll wheel, the compact size for a smartphone, and its fairly cheap price. On top of that, they liked what T-Mobile and HTC had done to smooth out the edges on Windows Mobile 6.

They didn't like the text input system, they even went so far as to call it a "type and trust interface" which they said gets it right 99% of the time, but good luck with words it doesn't know. They also didn't like the fact that it was running Windows Mobile 6 at all, but like I said, they like the efforts made to make it more usable and pleasing to the eye.

It's a smartphone that goes for $149 after contract, and will be on sale on October 31st. It is essentially an HTC Juno but re-branded, really you can't expect much out of it, but for a smartphone, $149 isn't bad so long as you can deal with some of the more annoying features.

T-Mobile Shadow review [via CrunchGear]