T-Mobile Samsung GALAXY S 4 available early May

T-Mobile announced a slew of new items during its UNcarrier event in New York City where they officially launched their LTE network in seven markets across the US, as well as announced a handful of LTE devices that will be available on the carrier, one of which is the Samsung GALAXY S 4, which CEO John Legere says will come "about May 1."

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 has yet to get an official release date from any of the major carriers in the US, until now. T-Mobile announced that the new smartphone will be hitting T-Mobile sometime in early May, with CEO Legere saying sometime around May 1. There doesn't seem to be a solid release date, but early May looks to be a good guess at this point.

Legere mentioned May 1, but it's possible that the official launch date could be moved back a couple of days, which is probably why he added the "about" to his statement. Either way, this gives us a good idea on when other major carriers may launch the GALAXY S 4. We have yet to hear from Verizon or AT&T about their plans on when to launch the new device.

With the HTC One delayed, it'll be a photo finish as to what device will launch first: the GALAXY S 4 or the HTC One. The HTC One has been pushed back to a late April release, which barely beats out the proposed May 1 release date of T-Mobile's GALAXY S 4. Naturally, the first phone to release usually gets the spotlight, so it'll essentially be a race to see who gets to the line first.