T-Mobile rolls out 'Data Stash', rolls data over month-to-month

Wow. That's what we have to say right now about Uncarrier 8 from T-Mobile. Starting soon, T-Mobile customers can roll their data over month to month. Rather than have to pick your plan and hope for the best — or worse, throttle yourself and how you use your phone to avoid extra charges — T-Mobile is letting their "post-paid" customers roll data over month to month. In addition to all the other Uncarrier moves T-Mobile has made recently, it's getting much more difficult to argue against having them as your service provider.

Called 'Data Stash', this is the first time a major carrier has offered up data rollover. Typically, data is a "use it or lose it" scenario.

To be quite blunt, here, this is T-Mobile's first killer move for consumers. Other Uncarrier moves definitely shook the industry up, with the end of blind subsidies being the most topical move that caused ripple effects throughout the industry, Data Stash is going to turn heads in a big way.

In making data bankable month-to-month, T-Mobile is allowing you to save even more by choosing an appropriate plan.

To help you along, T-Mobile is also giving you 10GB in your stash — free!

Data Stash will take only your unused plan data before the throttling point for rollover right now. If you're on a 1GB plan, and only use 750MB, your next month will have you at 1.25GB before you see any throttling.

It's not clear if this somehow signals the end of T-Mobile offering unlimited data, though. Currently, all their plans are technically unlimited, but throttle at a given point.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere says he hopes this will shake the industry up, and we are right there with him. Data rollover, regardless of how it's positioned or billed, is really impressive.