Dala Vinyl Player Expands the Vintage Landscape

Chris Burns - Feb 25, 2011
Dala Vinyl Player Expands the Vintage Landscape

Behold a concept for Vinyl Record playing that should have been brought to the real world years ago. This is the kind of tool that destroys digital music with a single blow. It’s a giant of a device with a teeny tiny knob that pulls out to be a wireless remote. It’s the greatest invention since the vinyl record itself! Inside you’ll find flat membrane speaker technology, each of these speakers (or “fins”) acting as the structure of the device as well, making it essentially look like a giant bird.

And no, not the “Sweet Dee” kind, a big bird for your wall to transmit the lovely scratch sounds of Black Sabbath… or whatever else kind of music the kids are listening to these days. Each of the fins are a different size, each one calculated to work with the scope of the frequencies needed to bring you the sweetest beats you’ve ever heard in your life. Each one of these fins is also followed by an acrylic reflector plate which is tapered in three directions, each of these propagating the sound outward and directly into your face.

Sound from this lovely object is radiated also 180 degrees in both the vertical and horizontal axis, helping you hear the greatest amount of sound no matter where you are in the room. Each one of the elements in this design work together to bring you the best sound, mount, and wall suspension possible. This design was created by Bradley Paulet.

[via SlashGear]

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