T-Mobile ready to offer you an 'Uncontract' to lock-in rates, plans

Uncarrier 9 might have taken dead aim at business, but T-Mobile isn't stopping there. Though their business aim was impressive, T-Mobile is still keeping an eye on the consumer market. If you're stuck in a payment plan with another carrier, T-Mobile will buy you out. They call it 'Carrier Freedom', and it's pretty stellar. The carrier will cover up to $650 per phone (up to ten lines) so you can get out of your pay-per-month or lease plan with another carrier.

Not only will you get your payments paid off, T-Mobile will also pay your ETF.

CEO John Legere went on to say "I hate contracts", but he's bringing them back. Now, T-Mobile will give you a contract. In this "Uncontract", T-Mobile will sign a contract that says your prices will never go up, but they may drop.

In addition, all promotional plans will now be honored as concrete. If you got in on some "4 lines for $100" introductory rate, it's now going to stay that way. There is never been a better time to join T-Mobile, especially if you're unhappy with your current carrier.

Rates never rise, your promo plan is now your actual plan, and T-Mobile is ready to buy you out of your existing plan with another carrier. Pretty impressive, especially if they can manage to score some low-band spectrum in the upcoming FCC auction.