T-Mobile product event brings full Fall lineup October 29th

It's more than a little bit of a coincidence that T-Mobile has just released invites to an event that will take place the same day as Google's own Android event and the Microsoft Windows 8 event earlier in the day – the 29th of October. This T-Mobile event will more than likely be the first reveal of the new Nexus smartphone made by LG – a device we've seen leaked quite a few times now – and it'd be a pretty good bet that T-Mobile will be carrying it right out of the gate. It could also very well be the hands-on point for a collection of T-Mobile Windows Phone 8 devices all at once. Or both possibilities could coincide!

This invitation does not give any real specifics other than the fact that it will indeed be in the evening of the 29th – and it certainly doesn't apologize for being the same day as Google's Android event as well as Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event. It's no mistake that both of these events take place at the same time, and you'd be nuts not to believe that the T-Mobile event wasn't scheduled well in advance to coincide with one or both of the events as well.

With the LG Nexus 4, the device we're talking about here, we're to understand that a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, easily one of the most powerful processors for a smartphone on the planet today, will be sitting pretty inside. The smartphone in question will be slightly modified and different from the LG Optimus G, but will take on many of its attributes. We're going to go ahead and bet that it'll be coming to T-Mobile first – if not to several carriers right away all at once.

As far as Windows Phone 8 goes, T-Mobile has several devices that it'll be getting one way or another, with HTC and Nokia heading the pack. Have a peek at the timeline below showing recent T-Mobile activity to see if you can put the puzzle together for yourself. We're thinking big things are in store for the most pink of mobile carriers!