T-Mobile parent company wants it out of the house, may sell towers

It's easy to tell from the failed AT&T/T-Mobile merger that AT&T didn't come out well having to pay up billions in money and wireless spectrum after the failed purchase bid. You might think that T-Mobile and its parent company Deutsche Telekom came out pretty good on the deal, but apparently, the breakup fee wasn't enough to keep T-Mobile living under the DT roof. DT wanted the money AT&T was going to pay for T-Mobile to fix up its European networks.

Now that the money it was expecting isn't coming in, DT is left looking for alternatives. The company still wants to shed T-Mobile, but with the US regulators making it clear that a sale of T-Mobile assets to one of the larger wireless firms out there isn't going to happen, other options are being explored. Intomobile reports that T-Mobile might be parted out.

DT is reportedly considering selling off the cellular towers that T-Mobile owns. I am sure that there are other options being considered. As Intomobile points out, T-Mobile could approach Dish Network. Dish has ambitions for rolling out a nationwide LTE network, and that T-Mobile spectrum would help greatly as would the towers. That said, as hard as T-Mobile has worked on its network, it's not great outside of major cities and interstates so Dish may want something more robust.

[via Intomobile]