T-Mobile ONEsie is an amusing faux 'full body wearable'

It is nearly April first, and that means companies are rolling out some amusing fables and faux products. Not to be left out of the fun is T-Mobile, which has gone to great lengths to introduce the T-Mobile ONEsie, a 'full body wearable' that has received its own press release, video, and supposed launch date. The ONEsie is exactly what it sounds like — a giant onesie pajama suit in bright magenta that is designed to keep your phone charged.

The ONEsie, admittedly, does look comfortable. According to T-Mobile, it is the company's new 'shocking' foray into the world of wearables, putting technology on consumers' bodies...their whole body. It is meant to be a full-body fitness tracker 'on steroids,' keeping tabs on your walking, breathing, sleeping, moving, and everything else you do with your body.

The suit is also said to offer customers full bars of coverage no matter where you're at, doing so for both yourself and others who are around you...basically turning the wearer into a giant mobile hotspot. The Uncarrier says users can put their existing T-Mobile phone in the ONEsie's pocket, where T-Mobile says it will utilize a 'Thermanetic' charging system to stay powered.

It all sounds like fun, yes, but alas it isn't meant to be. The product is no doubt a joke launched in the time-honored tradition of pulling pranks, an amusing one none the less. Not familiar with T-Mobile's latest news? Check out the timeline below for all the latest!

SOURCE: T-Mobile