T-Mobile offers new Monthly4G unlimited plans

As the only major US carrier still without the iPhone, T-Mobile gets creative with its plan offerings to stay in the game and entice new customers. Today, the company introduced four new wireless plans that include a Monthly4G unlimited plan as well as three Pay by the Day plans that let customers pay for only the days they intend to use their mobile phones.

The Monthly4G plan costs $60 per month and offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. It also does not require an annual contract. Sounds rather enticing, but the catch is that your data speeds get throttled after you use more than 2GB. If you're not a heavy data user and stick to WiFi whenever you can, it shouldn't be an issue.

The Pay by the Day plans include a $3 per day unlimited talk, text and web plan that provides 4G speeds on data up to 200MB, after which data speeds will get throttled. There's also a $2 per day plan for unlimited talk, text, and web at 2G speeds as well as $1 per day plan for unlimited text and 10-cents per minute for talk.

Additionally, T-Mobile has begun offering a special no annual contract plan exclusively through Walmart that offers 100 minutes of talk time along with unlimited text and web. The 4G data speeds won't get throttled until you use more than 5GB of data. So if you're not much of a talker on the phone but do a whole lot more texting and web surfing, this plan is a pretty good deal at $30 a month.

[via T-Mobile]