T-Mobile nixes sale tax on new smartphone purchases

T-Mobile has announced what it calls its own version of the Boston Tea Party, one that doesn't involve throwing away 'a bunch of perfectly good tea to do it.' The promotion? Nixing the sales tax for new smartphone purchases, ultimately lowering the amount it takes to pick up a new handset. The Uncarrier is also offering a new rebate perk for those who switch their line to T-Mobile.

The promotion, at the least, will shave the sales tax off the ultimate cost. T-Mobile says customers need to buy a new smartphone from the retailer on an Equipment Installment Plan, then send the info in online. Within 60 days, T-Mobile will send a prepaid MasterCard with 11.2-percent of the phone's cost to make up for the sales tax.

This promotion applies to all new smartphones T-Mobile carries starting February 1. However, you'll need an unlimited data plan to qualify for the promo. Company CEO John Legere said, "You know the old saying about death and taxes? We're taking on taxes first."

In addition, the Uncarrier is offering a $150 rebate for every line switched over to T-Mobile ONE, up to a maximum of 12 lines. This is a limited time rebate, however; it isn't clear how long it will run. Customers will have 14 days to claim the rebate.

SOURCE: T-Mobile