T-Mobile “My Faves” offers unlimited cross-network calls

Chris Davies - Sep 29, 2006

It’s a source of almost constant amazement to me how screwed Americans are when it comes to cellphone calling plans.  I mean, what’s going on where the network charges you to receive a call?!  Still, I guess it gives carriers greater freedom when it comes to rolling out network treats, since the basic service is such a ca$h milker.  Enter T-Mobile, stage left, with their “My Faves” plan.

Essentially it’s just an add-on where callers can elect five numbers on different networks to get unlimited free calls to.  These numbers can be changed once a month.  Prices are as follows:

My Faves optionsSingle Rate Plane:”With MyFAV 5″
$39.99 300 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$49.99 600 MIN Unlimited N/w (MyFav)
$59.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$69.99 1500 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

Family Plans are as the following (MyFav)
$69.99 700 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$79.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$109.99 2000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$139.99 3000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

It’s interesting to note that T-Mobile has surreptitiously removed the “Mobile to Mobile” (M2M) option from these packages – that’ll cost you an extra $10 to add back in.  You’ll need a particular model of phone, too; if you’ve not got one of the handsets on this list then I’m afraid it’s upgrade time:

My Faves edit contactRazor V3R
Nokia 6103
Samsung T-209 (Red or Blue)
Samsung T-319
Samsung T-509
Samsung T-609
Samsung T-719
BlackBerry Pearl

The word is that you’ll be able to sign-up come October 2nd.

First Look: ScreenShots From T-Mobile “My Faves” [thanks to Hayden for the tip]

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