T-Mobile Motorola Razr 5G Is Arriving This Week

Verizon might soon be flaunting the novel but quirky LG Wing but T-Mobile will be offering something just as unique but probably more practical as well. Announced earlier this month, the Motorola Razr 5G is pretty much what the first Motorola Razr should have been but it will still be launching with the original's price tag. If you're already balking at that price, T-Mobile will at least let you cut some of that off, presuming you're willing to part ways with an old companion.

It will be almost impossible to tell the early Motorola Razr from the Razr 5G apart from a glance. The two are pretty much visually identical they're the mobile equivalent of twins. And just like twins, the two are also more different inside than outside.

The biggest and most significant change is, of course, the Snapdragon 765G which gives not only the phone's 5G capabilities but also even better performance. That goes well with the bump up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The lone camera has also been thankfully improved significantly from 16MP to 48MP.

Given those upgrades, some might consider it a miracle that Motorola is still asking the same $1,400 price tag. Some, however, might still find that too high and T-Mobile is willing to throw them a bone. They can get the phone at half the price if they activate a new line and trade in an old phone from at least late 2018.

If you aren't going to activate a new line, though, you can still save $400 for a trade-in. That's still enough to help soften the blow for T-Mobile customers that want to relive the Razr's glorious past in a somewhat futuristic way.