T-Mobile lures AT&T converts with DirecTV Now new customer perk

T-Mobile has thrown an amusing little jab at AT&T, and is now offering the latter carrier's customers free DirecTV Now service for switching to the Uncarrier. This is amusing, of course, because AT&T is the company behind DirecTV Now, the newly unveiled live streaming television service. AT&T mobile customers interested in switching to T-Mobile can claim the new perk starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, AT&T customers who switch to T-Mobile will be given a year's subscription to DirecTV Now, the value of which comes out to $420 USD, says the Uncarrier. T-Mobile takes every chance to jab AT&T, saying, among other things, that this benefit is for those who may 'just want to experience DirecTV Now on a faster, more advanced LTE network...."

There's a somewhat big catch here, in that you must activate two lines on T-Mobile to get the DirecTV Now benefit. The newly converted subscribers will also have to use T-Mobile ONE. Also, the benefit is provided in such a way that T-Mobile makes sure you stay with it for the duration of that year...you're given a $35/month bill credit, which covers the cost of DirecTV Now's lowest tier.

Getting one last dig in, T-Mobile quips, "And, even if you hate DIRECTV NOW (we offer no guarantees, since it's an AT&T product after all), you still get unlimited LTE data on a faster, more advanced network – all at a better price. All you do is win, win, win." Obviously, you'll need to keep your T-Mobile lines active for the entire duration of the year to get the full benefit.

SOURCE: T-Mobile