T-Mobile launches its first 5G hotspot alongside 100GB standalone plan

T-Mobile has announced its first 5G hotspot, one that can be activated on multiple standalone plans offering up to 100GB of data per month. There are some big advantages to the 5G hotspot over the 4G LTE alternatives, including support for a huge number of devices connected simultaneously and lower prices with higher data caps.

The new T-Mobile 5G MiFi M2000 hotspot supports both Extended Range and Ultra Capacity 5G network connectivity, as well as 4G LTE when in places where 5G isn't yet available. In addition to the support for connecting up to 30 devices, T-Mobile says the hotspot device features 'enterprise-grade security' and a built-in battery that can go a full day without charging.

The hotspot is priced at a hefty $336 USD, but T-Mobile is currently offering it at $168 USD for customers who add a line (the discount comes in the form of bill credits over 24 months). There's also a device payment option at $7/month (discounted rate) or $14/month (full rate).

T-Mobile will soon offer multiple standalone 5G plans starting at 5GB for $20/month, 10GB for $30/month, 30GB for $40/month, and 100GB for $50/month as a limited-time promotion. T-Mobile takes the time to boast that its rates drastically undercut competitor Verizon.

There's an obvious benefit to having a 5G hotspot, particularly for families that aren't able to get traditional high-speed broadband in their home. T-Mobile's Ultra Capacity 5G network offers download speeds that hang around 300Mbps and can peak at up to 1Gbps, according to the carrier, offering a better experience than older, slower standalone hotspots.