T-Mobile HTC Flyer promos leak with focus on Scribe Pen

Having showed up for Sprint as the HTC EVO View 4G – complete with WiMAX onboard – and in WiFi-only form as a Best Buy exclusive, it seems the HTC Flyer isn't done spreading itself around the US. According to a leaked T-Mobile USA advert, passed to Pocketnow, the Flyer is also headed to the GSM carrier.

Since it wouldn't really make sense for T-Mobile to have a WiFi-only Flyer, we're guessing the carrier will be offering a GSM version of some sort: either regular 3G, as with the model shown at MWC 2011 originally, or an HSPA+ version for T-Mobile's own 4G network. Otherwise it seems the specifications will be the same, so a white chassis, 7-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive touchscreen display, and an active stylus for handwriting and sketching.

When exactly it will launch is unclear, as is pricing, but judging by the promotional material it seems T-Mobile will be heavily pushing the "scribe pen" functionality. Considering that's the Flyer's key differentiator – and that the value of a stylus has been much misunderstood in previous tablets with active digitizers – that seems a sensible route.

[via Android Community]