T-Mobile Highlight video unboxing and walkthrough

T-Mobile have announced the Samsung Highlight SGH-T749, their latest touchscreen featurephone, and over at PhoneMag they've been busy unboxing it and running through some of its key features.  The Highlight has a 3-inch 240 x 400 touchscreen, 3-megapixel camera and 1700/2100 UMTS/HSDPA, and is billed as an entry-level device.

Whether that's actually the case depends on what you'd expect an entry-level handset to cost.  T-Mobile are listing the Samsung Highlight for $149.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate, and assuming a new two-year contract and data plan), which certainly doesn't sound especially entry-level to us.  We have a hard time envisaging people picking it, on spec sheet grounds alone, over the $99 iPhone 3G over on AT&T.

Still, your $150 gets you a microSD slot happy with 16GB cards, stereo A2DP Bluetooth support, IM and email (AOL, Yahoo! and POP3 supported), internet access and A-GPS with the TeleNav app.  It measures a palm-nestling 4.27 x 2.11 x 0.54 inches and weighs 3.7oz; PhoneMag will have a full review very soon, but for now head over for their full gallery and more spec details.

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