T-Mobile going after heavy P2P data users on unlimited plans

If you're tethering with T-Mobile, you might want to read through your terms and conditions. The carrier has reportedly sent an internal memo, suggesting they will take issue with certain folks who are tethering, and using their mobile devices on a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection. If that's you, there may be consequences.

T-Mobile has a good network, but it's not as strong as, say, Verizon. To that end, they often can't afford to be lax with customer signal strength. Tethering and using a P2P connection for file sharing is often a sign of torrenting media, which can bog down network connections for everyone who isn't torrenting the media.

T-Mobile has identified some who are using unlimited data plans for a P2P file sharing connection, and will be taking action against them. Doing so, according to T-Mobile, violated those terms and conditions you never read.

Unlimited high-speed data plans are the only ones affected right now, which means anyone still on the $70/month unlimited or $80/month Simple Choice plans might get a talking to. As you can see in the screenshot above, T-Mobile will talk to the customer one-on-one before taking any action.

If the abuse continues beyond the scolding, expect to be throttled. To be fair, T-Mobile is giving users fair warning to shape up before throttling them, and the use of a P2P connection for file sharing is technically against their terms and conditions.

If you're guilty, you have about four days to figure out another means of file sharing, as T-Mobile is beginning this crackdown on August 17th.

Source: Tmo News