T-Mobile gives travelers free high-speed data for their European vacations

If you're a T-Mobile customer and you're heading to Europe for the summer, the Uncarrier has some good news for you: unlimited free high-speed data while you're overseas, as well as free in-flight WiFi during your plane trips there. In an extra effort to create more converts, as well, T-Mobile is also offering AT&T and Verizon customers and all other Stateside travelers a free hour of GoGo in-flight WiFi access on all the flights taking place this upcoming weekend.

The move is aimed at those who are heading out into parts unknown (or distant) for the summer, ensuring they have access to high-speed data without the burden of paying high roaming fees or finding a local prepaid carrier to subscribe to. In addition, T-Mobile will offer roaming in Belize as of July 1, adding it to the large list of places where subscribers are able to get mobile access while traveling.

As far as the Europe promotion goes, T-Mobile subscribers in the U.S. will get free high-speed data up to 4G LTE while abroad, doing so between July 1 and August 31 of this year. According to the Uncarrier, data is offered at whatever the fastest possible speed is in your destination, and there are no extra fees associated with using it.

T-Mobile uses this as an opportunity to takes jabs at Verizon specifically, saying that one of its subscribers would pay $2730 or so in international roaming charges if they spent a couple weeks using their phone like normal while in Rome. No special signups or anything are need to use the T-Mobile summer data promotion; the only extra charges that apply are for minutes, which cost $0.20 each while abroad in Europe.

SOURCE: T-Mobile