T-Mobile gives Pokemon GO players free data

T-Mobile has announced that on July 19, as part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays campaign, it'll give its subscribers free data for playing Pokemon GO. As with Music Freedom and Binge On, the data used while playing Pokemon GO won't count against one's high-speed data allotment...and this perk will remain available for the next year. In addition, the Uncarrier is offering some perks including a free snack and funds for hitching rides to nearby PokeStops or Gyms.

T-Mobile has been keen on giving its subscribers free data, and it has by and large been pretty great. Simple Choice subscribers, for example, can stream Netflix over their mobile broadband connection without it counting against their high-speed data allotment. The same, in this case, will go for Pokemon GO players who use a T-Mobile phone while hunting.

In addition to the free data, this upcoming T-Mobile Tuesday will also bring credits for up to $15 in Lyft rides (to get to PokeStops, says the carrier), a free Wendy's Frosty, and half off some accessories like power packs (for charging your phone while out and about).

Finally, T-Mobile says it will also award five individuals with a Pokemon GO hunting trip for both themselves and another person of their choice, and they can take that trip anywhere in the U.S. As well, 250 people will get $100' worth of PokeCoins. If you're a subscriber, you must download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to claim these perks, including the free data.

SOURCE: T-Mobile