T-Mobile getting Samsung Katalyst for HotSpot@Home program

The latest addition to the Hotspot@Home program will be the Samsung Katalyst. The phone won't be available until December, but it might be one of the nicer phones available for use with the Hotspot@Home service.

It's a slider featuring a 1.3MP cam, Bluetooth, MMS, SMS, myFaves Support, and obviously WiFi. For those that don't know, the T-Mobile Hotspot@Home program allows you to receive calls via either WiFi or their cellular network, and calls that are received over WiFi don't cost a thing.

So, if you like talking a lot, if you have done away with your landline and don't want to pay for calls you make from home, or if your home, office, or elsewhere gets really poor cell reception but has wifi, and you want a slider, look for this to drop in December. I wouldn't expect it to cost much either as the only spectacular feature is the wifi, everything else is kind of run of the mill.

T-Mobile's Samsung Katalyst [via theboygeniusreport]