T-Mobile Germany: no Apollo for Nokia Lumia 900 (Update: Official response)

Hopes were dashed for Windows Phone aficionados when it was reported in April that current handsets like the Nokia Lumia 900 may not receive an upgrade to Apollo (aka Windows Phone 8). the::unwired has now confirmed via a statement posted by a T-Mobile Germany representative that the handset definitely won't be receiving the update. The latest information comes after T-Mobile customers pinged the operator asking when the handset was due to be released on the network.

The unlocked version of the Lumia 900 was released in Germany last week but was absent on T-Mobile. After customers queried the carrier, an employee responded by saying that the company won't be offering the handset because it won't receive an update to Apollo. T-Mobile believes that customers would be frustrated if a newly purchased handset would be left out on a future update.

The representative also confirmed that Apollo is due to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. A forum post wouldn't normally be taken as concrete confirmation, but the::unwired believes that due to the strict nature of the German telecom industry, such information wouldn't be posted unless it was thoroughly checked, confirmed, and authorized.

This latest piece of information comes after Microsoft developer Nuno Silva claimed that all current Windows Phone handsets would receive an update to Apollo later in the year. An anonymous Microsoft insider quickly denied the information, saying that phones would not be receiving the upgrade to "the next major version" of the OS.

UPDATE: the::unwired has been contacted by T-Mobile Germany with a response to the matter, saying that the forum post "isn't an official statement from Deutsche Telekom" and that the company has "no information where the statement above came from."